Monday, 2 February 2015


So as part of my training, I was advised to do two things, go to Profeet in Fulham and get my feet and trainers properly measured and use a running machine rather than the roads. As is transpires I have one of the best Gyms on my doorstep, SohoGym Borough. Great facilities and lots of support. 

This morning I ran my first 9k. 

I participated on the first My12for12 London course this weekend run by the 'awesome' Bella Zanesco and Alexis Garnaut-Miller. It was great to take time to check myself and identify what I want for myself this year and beyond. Ditching 6 things that are holding me back and make a lot of noise about the 6 things I want to truly amplify in my world. I was buddied up with the gorgeous Lara Hayward who has run Marathons and has inspired me train realistically and also to enjoy the hell out of this and the day.  

This morning I found myself smiling whilst running, it seemed easier and although I could have run further I didn't. I am not going crazy, given I have 11 weeks, I have come up with my own bespoke training schedule. My business is all about bespoke so it makes perfect sense to me rather than trying to catch up and use something that I am unlikely to achieve. I now feel more confident that by building up gradually I can and will do this. Its way less daunting than it was after I said I would enter.

I have had lots of encouragement, some say I am crazy, some say they wish they could do it.

Last night I decided on a couple of things...

And simply enjoy the ride....

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