Monday, 16 February 2015

Love is in the air...

For Valentines weekend I decided to love me, so I took advantage of the Sauna and Steam at the Gym and not do too much actually in the Gym. If I am honest my knees hurt. Which of course they would. I am running 26 odd miles and although mindful I need to train, I am avoiding injury to stop me participating on the day so rested. 

I am talking to people about their Marathon experiences and although its tough, I am constantly being told the atmosphere and crowd are so fantastic you are taken on a journey with them, they are what gets you through. I have been down to support runners myself over the years so it will be bizarre being on the other side so to speak but I am just really excited about having  place. They really are like Willy Wonker Golden tickets so feel fortunate to be able to take part.

As part of resting I watched the Rugby on Saturday, another victory for England which is encouraging - just sorry that things at the MCG weren't as exciting on the Cricket front.

Back to the training schedule this week.

Run Forrest Run...

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