Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Good Morning Vietnam - I mean London.....

What a glorious feeling I have.

I woke up at 6.30, got dressed, and headed out. Given I don't have kids to get ready for school, there are no excuses, so off I trotted.

Its so dark at that time, but there is a 4k run I have done a few times, down to Southwark Bridge over and back along the river across Tower Bridge, it takes in the magnificent Shard and the beauty of the Thames. 

Noticed a fabulous new bar called Oyster on Oystergate, note to self to check them out for somewhere to hold my Marathon party - and celebratory glass of champagne - that is after the event !!

Trainers new, bit uncomfortable towards end, attitude good, time shocking.

But it doesn't matter, as this is my training programme - have read lots and am taking advise, and will take this easy, no point doing injury and not being able to participate.

Today is going to be a good day.

Forrest Foulkes

So having received a mail written from Greg James through the Lords Taverners earlier this week, telling me not only was he was running but that there were three places available to join him and the Tavs team to run on behalf of the charity in the London Marathon 2015. I called the office to enquire....

Having tried to gain places before I knew how sought after these are...having understood there would be incredible support and champagne at the end I found myself seeking advise from an experienced runner friend of mine as to whether I was being a crazy fool even considering it. Given I am unfit, and its on April 24th. THIS YEAR!

Yes clearly I am, some people train for a year. Me I have a few weeks.

However, having returned from the festivities in the US, I had in fact purchased a brand new killer pair of Karrimor trainers so clearly there was a murmuring and want to get fit somewhere deep inside....

So I said yes, Tavs said yes, so its me and my trainers and the will to help raise serious wonga for the Play Space Appeal for which I am a Committee Member. I think we take having somewhere to play even as adults for granted. Children should have the right to play and be encouraged to do so in a safe and supported surroundings. The Play Space Appeal is a Lady Taverners initiative and supports a host of nationwide projects - our goal is to raise £250k before the end of October. 

We are on the way, and with the recent event I hosted at Harvey Nichols raising over £4k I realised its time to step it up.

As part of the committee we are presenting a Roaring Twenties Ball on October 16th, at the Park Lane Hotel. We have plans to run a culinary extravangaza evening later in the year so this seems to fill the gap for now. 

Of course I will be throwing one massive party to celebrate finishing the 26 mile challenge to raise further funds. So its all to play for. There are a myriad of other events around the country and great team driving this challenge - which is an honour to be a part of it.

Well my first run is in the morning, not going crazy, as I am not a regular runner and I am 6 weeks behind on the schedule. However the driving force is the Play Spaces projects and the children who will enjoy them.

I plan to wear frilly french knickers to run in, with go faster stripes down the side perhaps.

Follow me on my journey.

Any one wishing to donate