Monday, 9 February 2015

R & R

R & R - Rugby and Rest....

I didn't go to the game in Cardiff, I was shattered, and now gutted as its likely to turn out to be the best game of the Six Nations!  As the whole world will know by now, Wales lost their opening clash, they were simply being outplayed by England at the Millennium Stadium.  

Fantastic play from Mr Haskell and with injury brought fabulous performances from the youngsters, we have World Class backs, who knew!!! So much scepticism over the fact the team was lacking, but not so, it was a wonderful display and joy to watch. Thank you England.   Hurrarr and huzzarr...

My weekend was spent mostly watching the games and Supper with friends. Waking up on Sunday I realised I was still tired, I actually had a much needed PJ day. Seriously didn't get dressed all day, just not like me but its to be encouraged!

This morning back to Soho Gyms, where the lovely team there are so supportive - my 9k went quite well and have made friends with the equipment to strengthen my back. 

My goal is 15k by end of week.

Feeling rather patriotic....

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