Monday, 27 April 2015

Good decision.

So for all those who watched the Marathon, I know I was gutted not to be apart of it, but I am simply not  recovered from my car accident. 

I have signed up to Windsor half Marathon. As soon as I can I start running again, I will, as I have missed it so much. 

Event: 33rd Windsor Half Marathon
Event date: 27/09/2015

Went for a big walk yesterday, not quite 26 miles, but good to get some fresh air.

Feeling positive now, and realise it was a good decision.

Onwards and upwards...


Friday, 24 April 2015

To race or not to race....

I went back to my Doctor this morning, with the after effects of the road accident in Mexico I am advised "I would be a very silly girl", and probably do more damage if I attempt the race on Sunday, even walking. Blimey I haven't been called a girl in a long time.  Thankfully I can defer to next April, along with a few other Lord Taverners casualties. 

By deferring, I get myself truly mended as I am still in and out of my neck brace.  
Haven't been sleeping well for fear of letting people down. All my friends are saying health is more important.  Funny as I haven't felt healthier in a long time, and have got quite addicted to running and the gym, (never thought I would hear myself say that about a gym), running has been a amazing especially on the beach and for my body! 

So 2016 it is, and for those of you who follow Cricket - many people have said "Good Decision Lyds"

Please continue to support me and roll over your incredibly generous sposonship, I am going to continue to raise money and complete this challenge and my fundraising goal of £10k but in a time I can be proud of.  Given this is my personal challenge I really don't want to come in with the dustcarts just for sake of doing it.

Thank you, one and all.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Count down....

Not too sure where the time has gone, but since I started on this crazy adventure, a gargantuan gauntlet laid down by the Lord Taverners some 7 weeks ago. Over the last few weeks I have had a few ups and downs.....I started training late, but was doing rather well and then had a week of crippling pain with my knee so took to the pool and swam instead. I used to swim a lot so reacquainting myself was really good.

I had a trip booked to Austin and onto Mexico from 17th long before I signed up to the Marathon team but figured beach running would be way easier than the roads of London or the treadmills of Soho Gyms.

Downed tools early on 17th having redecorated a three bedroom house, caught up to date with work and got a full diary to come home to - so off I go to Austin, to catch up with one of my dearest friends Mrs Katherine Cooper and her glorious daughter Maya, it just so happened Grand Pops and Ma were in town all the way from Bristol so it was a great time as we went to our first Rodeo together, I fell in love with 20 cowboys, brought some beautiful new boots, hat, watched the Beach Boys and headed down to Mexico.


Its been five years since I was last in Zihuatanejo ( the place they go at the end of The Shawshank Redemption ) so way too long as I have great friends and a love for this country that was desperate for a visit. Pops started coming back to the UK about 5 years ago so foolishly I stopped coming out for Winters...

So I get the airport at Ixtapa expecting a Mariachi Band and fanfare after five years and there is no welcoming committee...Pops was still at home, the whole hour difference confuses everyone, why do we even do that now?

It was of course wonderful to see mi Padre...

First night we spent catching Tanya Jones one of my dear friends I met here and who has lived in London, she has grown up into quite the entrepreneur she now runs La Playa, The Fishing Hole and The Captains Daughter with her brother Kenny all in the honour of their late great Father. 

Day two I started training, either early in day or late is best. The heat is over powering but running in the sand is incredible, I was given a tip to run in about 10" of water to really build strength and stamina. It works. I found myself getting up to 10miles quickly, I topped out at my personal best  of 15miles  last week.

But look at my training grounds its not too shabby right? The beach is a mile long. Its one of my favourite places in the world.


Then we had the wedding of my gorgeous friend Nara to Alex, I met Nara when Pops dated her Mum, we have been like sisters since. Alex is wonderful man and worthy, it was a beautiful occasion hosted by her fabulous Mother Paty and her partner Geraldo.

                    Paty and Gerry as we call him welcoming their guests....

Here comes the bride....and such a beautiful bride. Inside and out, I love this lady.....

                            Service on the beach at sunset, was magnificent....
...and the party went on and on, oh what a night!
Onto Puerto Vallarta.....for our road trip.

Walking round the yachts and up the Tower to view the beauty that is PV.
Pops lived here for three years. So it was great seeing his old friend  Victor whose restaurant is doing great.
It turned colder and  I needed my wrap so I took to the road. Jumped in the car, it was only round the corner but I didn't fix my seat belt and got rear ended. The guy who hit me wasn't insured so he fixed my car, but I hit the steering wheel with my chin, neck which has monumental bruising, and my face has just got cuts. I can safely say I was dazed and confused. Concussed and all a little discombobulated.

My neck is so stiff. I do however have outstanding pain killers, which are helping. Got whiplash, cant run. Confined to resting. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

I look like a scene out of Hammer House of Horror, nearly strangled. Moral of story clunk know the rest and so should I.

So it meant Pops had to drive back which is over 12 hours, but the new roads here are amazing not quite the M4 but pretty darn good.  Somehow we lost his sunnies in PV so he here he is supporting my rather fetching ones....Sterling Foulkes.

I will complete the race on 26th, I may be walking it in a neck brace and frilly knickers but look out Pall Mall here I come.
               If you haven't, please support me and to those who have........