Friday, 27 February 2015

Thank Crunchie its Friday...

After having a 9 day a break from running due to my knees being so painful I went back to Soho Gym yesterday morning. 

Thank fully I am surrounded by scantily clad fit chaps running in front and all around me - just hoping that race day will be the same!!!

I didn't go crazy managed a 5k run and a bit of cycling, squats etc. Remarkably I felt so good on this gloriously sunning morning, I did four lots of 3k, and managed 12k again, without looking 100 years old..... so not going silly, resting - rugby and recouping this weekend. But so glad I am feeling stronger.

Back on the Forrest schedule next week.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Love is in the air...

For Valentines weekend I decided to love me, so I took advantage of the Sauna and Steam at the Gym and not do too much actually in the Gym. If I am honest my knees hurt. Which of course they would. I am running 26 odd miles and although mindful I need to train, I am avoiding injury to stop me participating on the day so rested. 

I am talking to people about their Marathon experiences and although its tough, I am constantly being told the atmosphere and crowd are so fantastic you are taken on a journey with them, they are what gets you through. I have been down to support runners myself over the years so it will be bizarre being on the other side so to speak but I am just really excited about having  place. They really are like Willy Wonker Golden tickets so feel fortunate to be able to take part.

As part of resting I watched the Rugby on Saturday, another victory for England which is encouraging - just sorry that things at the MCG weren't as exciting on the Cricket front.

Back to the training schedule this week.

Run Forrest Run...

Monday, 9 February 2015

R & R

R & R - Rugby and Rest....

I didn't go to the game in Cardiff, I was shattered, and now gutted as its likely to turn out to be the best game of the Six Nations!  As the whole world will know by now, Wales lost their opening clash, they were simply being outplayed by England at the Millennium Stadium.  

Fantastic play from Mr Haskell and with injury brought fabulous performances from the youngsters, we have World Class backs, who knew!!! So much scepticism over the fact the team was lacking, but not so, it was a wonderful display and joy to watch. Thank you England.   Hurrarr and huzzarr...

My weekend was spent mostly watching the games and Supper with friends. Waking up on Sunday I realised I was still tired, I actually had a much needed PJ day. Seriously didn't get dressed all day, just not like me but its to be encouraged!

This morning back to Soho Gyms, where the lovely team there are so supportive - my 9k went quite well and have made friends with the equipment to strengthen my back. 

My goal is 15k by end of week.

Feeling rather patriotic....

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Twinkle toes...

Today, I had my first dance lesson with the fabulous Andrew Cuerden, who is the most sensational Latino Ballroom dancer; he enjoyed Strictly success. Andrew danced at my event held to raise funds for PlaySpace Appeal last year at the fabulous Harvey Nichols.
I bid on the lessons and really glad I did. It adds a fun element to the Marathon training and focuses on core so a win win.

It was a great class, I resembled someone who had the potential to dance in the future, so most encouraging. He is a fabulous dancer and super lovely guy. on my frame and my posture.

Then to the Gym, I ran my 12k, and had the most hysterical time of the Power Plate, if you havent been on one, you must, entertainment 10/10. My awesome Gym Instructor David showed me how to use three other machines and heh presto, I completed my workout.

Could hardly walk and looked like Bridget Jones when I got off the Cross Trainer but had a long chat with David about my consistency and developing core strength. Going to mix up a few other classes, because I can.

Today was a good day.

Monday, 2 February 2015


So as part of my training, I was advised to do two things, go to Profeet in Fulham and get my feet and trainers properly measured and use a running machine rather than the roads. As is transpires I have one of the best Gyms on my doorstep, SohoGym Borough. Great facilities and lots of support. 

This morning I ran my first 9k. 

I participated on the first My12for12 London course this weekend run by the 'awesome' Bella Zanesco and Alexis Garnaut-Miller. It was great to take time to check myself and identify what I want for myself this year and beyond. Ditching 6 things that are holding me back and make a lot of noise about the 6 things I want to truly amplify in my world. I was buddied up with the gorgeous Lara Hayward who has run Marathons and has inspired me train realistically and also to enjoy the hell out of this and the day.  

This morning I found myself smiling whilst running, it seemed easier and although I could have run further I didn't. I am not going crazy, given I have 11 weeks, I have come up with my own bespoke training schedule. My business is all about bespoke so it makes perfect sense to me rather than trying to catch up and use something that I am unlikely to achieve. I now feel more confident that by building up gradually I can and will do this. Its way less daunting than it was after I said I would enter.

I have had lots of encouragement, some say I am crazy, some say they wish they could do it.

Last night I decided on a couple of things...

And simply enjoy the ride....