Friday, 24 April 2015

To race or not to race....

I went back to my Doctor this morning, with the after effects of the road accident in Mexico I am advised "I would be a very silly girl", and probably do more damage if I attempt the race on Sunday, even walking. Blimey I haven't been called a girl in a long time.  Thankfully I can defer to next April, along with a few other Lord Taverners casualties. 

By deferring, I get myself truly mended as I am still in and out of my neck brace.  
Haven't been sleeping well for fear of letting people down. All my friends are saying health is more important.  Funny as I haven't felt healthier in a long time, and have got quite addicted to running and the gym, (never thought I would hear myself say that about a gym), running has been a amazing especially on the beach and for my body! 

So 2016 it is, and for those of you who follow Cricket - many people have said "Good Decision Lyds"

Please continue to support me and roll over your incredibly generous sposonship, I am going to continue to raise money and complete this challenge and my fundraising goal of £10k but in a time I can be proud of.  Given this is my personal challenge I really don't want to come in with the dustcarts just for sake of doing it.

Thank you, one and all.


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