Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring has Sprung - hurrarrr.....

I am sure we all find it easier to run in the sunshine, with Winter seemingly behind us, and the clocks changing in the next couple of weeks, I am feeling thankful that Spring is here, the Daffs and Crocus are peaking out and their is a feeling of newness around. 

I just had the most fabulous weekend down in Sussex for a yoga retreat and ran from the centre to the seaside at Cooden. What a glorious spot that is. The emphasis was on eating balanced foods and on exercise for the body and mind. Mediation and self development. The retreat is part of a course which is called My12for12, you focus on six things you want to ditch and six things you want to amplify. I have met a fabulous group of people and really enjoyed being apart of the weekend. We were bless with incredible weather.

Realising what a gargantuan task this 26 miles is, and go through panics as to whether my knees will hold up and if I will get round. Then I have someone say the pain disappears but pride lasts forever and I am filled with hope and less dread. 

Its true we can do anything we put our minds the next three weeks I will be focusing on running, yoga and more of the same whilst visiting my Dad in Mexico, I plan to train on the beach where the sand should be less impactful. When I get back its not long to go....

Forrest x

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